Half-Way through Dare Devil Season 3

Dare Devil Season 3 is out. I really liked season 1 and 2, I think they craft a believable “superhero” and dare I even say “gritty”. Gritty, but not in a shitty D.C. universe way. I like that they show Dare Devil getting his ass beat and all of the resulting injuries. I like this mostly because I am not a huge fan of Matt Murdock. Something about his swarminess is just off-putting to me, like he is kind of an asshole. I can’t tell if this is how I am supposed to feel towards him, but he seems to inspire devout friendship from Foggy and Karen Page. Matt also fancies himself as a self pitying martyr, but which again irks me. He spends the first few episodes sulking around in the basement of a church until Sister Maggie, great performance by Joanne Whalley, calls him a self-pitying punk basically. Murdoch  compares himself to the bibles perennial sad sack Job who God bet the Devil he could shit on in every way possible and Job would still believe in him.  Murdoch believes he has won because  he ” is not Job” or I took that as he doesn’t believe in the ideals of law abiding lawyer Matt Murdoch anymore, he believes if he gives up faith in being morally good, he can accomplish more as just the “devil.” This manifests itself in Murdoch going forward without friends and with the intent to kill Wilson Fisk vs.put him back in jail. Again, self pitying bullshit to me. Matt has received some shitty breaks, blind, dad died while he was young, Elektra died, probably other stuff from season 1 and 2 I am forgetting, but to me that is just life and some of Matt’s issues, like getting his ass beat all of the time, are because he chooses to help fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen. I get he feels like with his skills he is required or feels compelled to help others and maybe he doesn’t want that burden of being the morally correct “hero” anymore. On the other hand I am actually pretty glad he had his idealism stomped out of him ( or crushed out of him by a whole building falling on him) because heroism isn’t black and white and sometimes you need a Sister Maggie to call you a self-pitying loser who is pouting over not being able to be the hero and get the life he believes he is entitled to. To me the Job comparison is off, Job had faith and God tested him to show that Job would remain faithful even when he has had everything taken from him, if that’s the trajectory Matt is on for this season, I am not a fan.

Overall the season has been super entertaining thus far, the prison riot escape scene was high quality action. Foggy and Karen are still way more compelling characters to me and I again find myself getting tired of seeing Matt Murdochs face. Vincent D’nofrio is killing as Fisk  per usual and I like the little touches they throw in to let you know how physically dominate he is. For example he is stabbed in the stomach and just tosses a benching bar with 345 lbs. on it to the side.Waiting to see what they turn the incredibly strange FBI agent shooting everybody in to. I think Nadeem is the most compelling character and I am excited to see where they go with his development. I like that they intersperse his private life into the story, but not overwhelmingly. Hopefully at some point he will realize Fisk is obviously using him to some end, but he does have to balance his familial / financial obligations. In the second half I would like for them to wrap up this whole good vs. evil, god vs. evil notion in a satisfying way, maybe have Daredevil kill Fisk and realize he is no better than anybody else. Or more likely what will happen is Daredevil solving the issue without killing Fisk. Lame.


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