The Vault- Quick Review

Haunted bank vault. Cliche jump scares and horrid acting combine to make this a movie you should probably avoid. Maybe on a night that you have re-watched 10 episodes of The Office, you should turn this movie on and then promptly shut it off after 5 minutes when you decide sleeping is a better option. Wasted effort from Taryn Manning trying to salvage a plot that is so convoluted that it is painful to experience it unfold. All of the acting is made laughable because you A. cant believe somebody was paid to make this movie B. James Franco is in it. Seriously he is. James Franco is in a glorified haunted house movie which only twist on the concept is that it takes place in a bank. The haunted concept is tired  and if you are still awake when the twist ending comes you will barely flutter an eyelash because it’s as seemingly slapped together as the rest of the movie. Don’t waste your time on this movie. Shame on you James Franco, shame on you.

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