Suddenly Jeremy stood up from his desk with a lazy smile. Debbie would later say he that his eyes looked like he was somewhere far away. Jeremy stepped onto his swivel chair and used it to step onto his desk right next to his brand new laptop, purchased by corporate of course. With the same far away smile Jeremy cocked his leg back and kicked his laptop over the top of his low cube. He let out a laugh as he did it, not a hysterical life; the laugh sounded more like somebody who was thoroughly enjoying their favorite comedy. Jeremy followed the corporate laptops lead and hopped over the wall of his low cubicle. He landed with a flourish on top of the already broken laptop, assuring its destruction.

Jeremy walked over to Allison’s cubicle.  She immediately looked down at her desk and her permanently frazzled hair fell around her shoulders. Jeremy reached down and tilted Allison’s head upwards so they were looking eye to eye. She looked alarmed at first, but then she smiled in the same distracted way as Jeremy. Simultaneously their heads moved toward each other and they kissed quickly. Both of the outcasts drew their heads backwards and the smiles disappeared from view. Instead they stared solemnly at each other, in what appeared to be deep thought. Jack would recollect later that at this point whatever had infected Jeremy’s mind was passed to Allison and would refer affectionately to Allison as, “disheveled girl, but she tried.” Although no words were exchanged, the outcasts seemed to have come to some sort of agreement as the dazed smiles had returned to both Allison and Jeremy’s faces.

Both of the happy zombies moved toward the large industrial windows that naturally populate a 30th floor office. The office had been quiet until now, nobody knowing what to do, but this move to the window was too much. Debbie, Jude, and Francis stood up and went to yell warnings or to dissuade our happy zombies, but no yelling actually occurred. When Debbie stood up to yell she suddenly remembered that she had always wanted to be photographer and had given up on that dream to work here.  Jude was struck with the notion that would never actually get around to writing hat cookbook she had been talking about for ten years. Francis was struck down by the thought that he was 36 and single and for the first time the idea that he would never be a father became very real to him.

Without any valiant office members to be the champions of common sense, Allison and Jeremy had reached the window. Without even a second thought, they both placed their right hands on the window and it shattered with a tinkle more akin to the breaking of a wine glass, not an industrial strength glass window. Jeremy again laughed, as did Allison. The entire office watched as Allison and Jeremy joined hands and without a second thought stepped through the opening made by the broken window.

Without regard for their safety, the entirety of the office (around 25 people) ran to the bank of windows that contained the opening that the two outcasts had disappeared through. They watched as the two plummeted toward the ground and it looked as though the parking lot would be adding two red splotches to its décor.  The parking lot would be spared, halfway down the pair came to a sudden stop for all of 10 seconds and then began to descend gradually to the ground.

The office was in awe. The two seemingly normal individuals stepped onto the pavement in the middle of the parking lot. They remained hand in hand as the entirety of the office watched the walk nonchalantly toward the corner of the building. Everyone in the office returned to their cubicles without a sound. Richard swears he saw Jeremy give a backhanded wave as they rounded the corner and disappeared from site.  Annette still says that they vanished into thin air.  Nobody seems to agree on what happened once the pair landed in the parking lot, but everyone seems to agree with Douglas when he says, “ Good riddance, the company is better off without them, they didn’t need to throw it in our faces that they were leaving, idiots.”

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