Discussing Movies

I love visual art. I love anime. I love movies, especially sci-fi. I love books. I love animation. I love graphic novels. I would love to be able to draw, alas I can’t. I love good and bad movies. I love movies that are pure  hokey entertainment like ” Point Break” and I love movies considered classics like “2001: A Space Odyssey.”  I have taken film classes and it gives me an appreciation for film, but I do not believe it makes me better than anybody else. With that being said I think there are definitely bad movies,  bad TV shows, bad books, bad anime, etc. and in my following posts I am going to tell you what things I think are bad and what things I think are good. It is entirely my opinion, mind you I will back my opinion with reasoning and evidence, but it is still entirely my opinion.  ” Opinions are like…. opinions” you don’t need some stupid simile comparing opinions to anatomy to understand that. If you don’t like opinions don’t get on the internet, definitely don’t read reviews of anything, and whatever you do, do not go outside and interact with any other human beings. This is not a highfalutin blog, not to say it will be uneducated drivel, but hopefully it avoids being as pretentious as I feel while typing it.  Sometimes my posts will be juvenile, sometimes they will be intellectual, feel free to disagree, just as long as you keep reading.


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